Red Blue Motorbikes Tests Articulated Wing System in Wind Tunnel

At the wind tunnel at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Geneva (, the staff at Red Blue Motorbikes has successfully tested the aerodynamic performance of the Articulated Wing System (AWS) developed in collaboration with SUPSI (

Conducted over several days, the test has confirmed both the validity of the numerous CFD simulations conducted prior to construction of the wings and the wings’ effectivess.

Both the “downforce/drag” ratio of the wings and the wing-motorbike-driver fluid-dynamic interaction were found to be very good.

The values measured confirm the clear benefits of the AWS, particularly for preventing wheeling.

The next step in development will be to make the wings mobile so that they will tilt in accordance with the varying roll angle of the motorbike in such a way as to maximise efficiency in bends, too.

Our sincere thanks go to Patrick, Christophe B., Maurizio, Claudio, Christhope C., Luca, Massimo and Fulvio for their hard work and professionalism.