Red Blue Motorbikes at ANSYS Forum Ticino 2016

ANSYS Forum Ticino 2016, which took place at the Department of Innovative Technologies of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland ( on 11 May, was a huge success.

Organised by CADFEM Suisse AG ( in collaboration with SUPSI, the forum was opened by engineer Renzo Pesciallo with a keynote speech on “Winglets on racing motorcycles: from design through to construction”.

The forum participants showed great interest in the topic, with many questions and positive comments at the end of the presentation.

Heartfelt thanks go to Maurizio and his team for the CFD simulations and to Markus, Davide, Yvain and Claudio for the success of the forum.

Red Blue Motorbikes all’ANSYS Forum Ticino 2016