The entire team of researchers working on the new project RBvyrusMB met for the first time on 13 December.

The meeting took place at the offices of Vyrus Srl in Cerasolo, (Rn) Italy, and was chaired by project leader and engineer Mr. Renzo Pesciallo.

It was an opportunity for the various engineers and professors present to get to know each other, to define the R&D tasks for each of the research organisations involved and to identify synergies between the same.

The project presentation included expert contributions from engineer Piero Fabiano, who described the procedure required in order to protect intellectual property for the various systems that will be developed, and from engineer Jamal El Chaar, who gave an insight into the workings of the European funding programme known as Eurostars.

Meeting staff R&D

From left to right: Eng. M. Formentini, Prof. F. Castellani, Eng. M. Moretti, Eng. P. Fabiano, Eng. R. Pesciallo, Prof. R. Herzog, Prof. V. Cossalter, Eng. M. Tognolini, Eng. M. Barbato, Eng. W. Amaro, Eng. R. Pignattini, Eng. J. El Chaar, Ascanio Rodorigo, Eng. P. Boldrini (absent the engineers L. Diviani, P. Bonhôte and R. Lot). In front the Vyrus 986 M2.