December 2013

NRC-Tech is teaming up with RBMB for the SMART-TRIM project

Lausanne-based company NRC-Tech ( has recently signed a cooperation agreement with RBMB in connection with the RBvyrusMB project.

NRC-Tech specialises in finite element numerical modelling, sensor technology (in particular torque sensors allowing rotational measurements) and vibration analysis and will be working closely together with Dynamotion S.r.l of Padua ( on simulation of one of the devices currently being developed by RBMB as part of the RBvyrusMB project. These devices will be fitted and tested on a Vyrus 986M2, which has been painted for the occasion in the RBMB colours.


Photograph: Dr. Eng. Marco Matter (NRC-Tech) and Eng. Renzo Pesciallo (SMART-TRIM project leader) shaking hands.