June 2011

The TiMoRe609 is finally out on the track in Misano! After two years of intense research and development, the Red Blue Motorbikes staff has finally carried out the first trial runs of the moto2 TiMoRe609 prototype on the Misano circuit (www.misanocircuit.com). The motorcycle was tested in a provisional state without the dynamic exhaust extractor in place. Particular attention was given to the cooling system and to its degree of functionality as well as efficiency throughout the course of the thirty-lap test drive. The results were found to be extremely positive and encouraging. As hypothesized during the development phase, the motorcycle has lived up to its high expectations. Further tests specific to particular characteristics of the motorcycle will continue to be carried throughout the course of the next few months leading up to the TiMoRe609's possible d├ębut in one of the final races of the 2011 season.